Sell your SaaS offer in Microsoft Marketplace or AppSource

Perhaps you already published your service in the Microsoft Marketplace or AppSource. Now you want to implement the Transact option — so people can purchase your service directly.

First, let’s go back one step. If you start working in the Partner Center, you’ll find quite a number of options and types of offers that you can choose from, and which the marketplaces support. In our case, we have a SaaS , all hosted in Azure, and we offer subscriptions for individuals, teams, and companies, like in many other platforms.

So when we…

Where was I? Right, ten thousand kilometers away from my real home, in quarantine, with a business in emergency mode, living with my family in lockdown, trying to stay sane and supportable, and pulling all my strings to keep looking forward, to give some kind of confidence and trying to find some sense in all of this.

It’s becoming hard to stand everything that’s weighing in, and on top of all this health crisis. I will not tag this post with COVID, because I’m just tired of it. It’s really amazing how humanity, at least the part that is connected…

SQL Server and Entity Framework Core

It happened several times to me that the normal way of using Entity Framework came to its limits, or did my skills — I don’t know which one. I just needed a specialized SQL query instead of conventions and generated migrations. And believe me, I’m not a SQL expert at all!

If you want to see the coded example directly, please scroll down to the first class-diagram.

Anyway, the first important rule for me always was to stay code-first, so my application handles the database automatically. Also to keep DevOps easier.

I don’t want to present you with a complex…

All of these technologies are used in this tutorial

You want to work with .NET Core and SQL Server on your Mac? Then this one is for you. But you can also do all of this in Windows or Linux if you prefer to have your database in Docker.

This tutorial is based on a which I wrote more than 2 years ago. People are still consulting me about it, so it seems it´s as relevant as ever. I decided to re-work it, update it to the newest versions, and create a fully working solution on GitHub. It will be all done with VSCode.


I’m a German co-founder and CTO in Argentina.

Who we are

It started two and a half years ago, when I was already living in Argentina for more than 3 years. I had been a developer since 10 years, working in industrial technology, and then for fin techs being employed in a local software factory. Unsatisfied and always looking for alternatives… by writing apps and trying to find business clients for individual software solutions, the change finally happened. A friend of mine — partner of a successful design agency — asked me during an asado (Argentinian barbecue) if I could…

Stefan Riedmann

Father, founder and CTO. I’m German, but living in Argentina.

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